How Does it Work?

MAJOR IMPACTS – How Gateway Rotary Club of District 5160 Measures Member Engagement
Recognition for Participation in Gateway Rotary Club of District 5160 Measured in “Major Impacts”
Rotary is moving from “100% Attendance” to “100% Engagement. In that context regular weekly meetings are neither the most common nor the most visible activity of Gateway Rotary.
At Gateway Rotary, the goal is to encourage members to engage with the other Rotary clubs in District 5160 by attending their meetings, service projects and fundraising projects in addition to participating in giving programs sponsored by The Rotary Foundation. Gateway members may also build teams of members with common interests to accomplish ad hoc projects throughout the year at various locations throughout the district.
Gateway Rotary credits members for their engagement by quantifying volunteer Time, Talent and Treasure (financial support) given . “Major Impacts” are measured by the giving of time, money, and money equivalents (for specific ways to give time and money see “How To Give – Time” and “How To Give – Money” links on the Home page).
Each year, a member is expected to create one “Major Impact” for the betterment of the lives of others  A Major Impact is earned by participating in Rotary activities for 40 hours during the Rotary Year (July 1 – June 30) or contributing $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation or fundraising projects of the Rotary clubs of 5160 or a combination of the two.
For Example –
  If Alejandra, a Gateway Rotary Member, does the following during the Rotary Year –
              (1) Donates $400 to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund,
              (2) Donates $40 to a local District 5160 Rotary club’s Crab Feed,
              (3) Attends 11 meetings at different District 5160 Rotary clubs, and
              (4) Spends 25 hours of her time on different District 5160 Rotary club service projects
Alejandra will be credited with Two (2) Major Impacts for the year.
Members report their hours for Gateway Rotary by a system currently under development
Gateway Rotary holds its members to the highest of ethical standards.  We measure this standard by The Four Way Test of the things our members think, say and do.
   (1) Is it the Truth?
   (2) Is it Fair to All Concerned?
   (3) Will it Build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
   (4) Will it Be Beneficial to All Concerned?
Using this test as their guide, members will report their participation hours (meetings, service projects and fundraising projects) and dollars contributed to local Rotary Clubs in District 5160 to the Club Secretary.  Any dollars contributed by Gateway Rotary Members to The Rotary Foundation will be automatically reported.
At a Club Event near the end of the Rotary Year, all Gateway Members who have created one or more Major Impacts will be recognized for their achievement.